Howard 100 News segment with Little Mikey 6/2/10 -----------------------------MP3

Deacon Daniell talks to Howard about east coast shows 5/11/10 -----------MP3

BD/Lil Mikey Trifecta - Howard plays 3 new Parodies 3/3/10 -----------------MP3

Howard plays BD w/Lil Mikey parody - Lil Mikey int. about tour 2/24/10 --MP3

Howard does a teaser for BD w/Lil Mikey Summer Tour 2/23/10 -------------MP3

Howard Plays "Mystery Shit on The Floor" Beatles Parody 2/1/10 ----------MP3

Howard Plays "Love the one your with" Parody for Robin 10/7/09 ----------MP3

Howard Plays "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo" Parody for Robin 9/15/09 -------MP3

Howard Plays BD's Lisa G Parody of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" 7/22/09 -------MP3

Howard 100 News - Sal song interview w/Deacon Daniell 4-14-09 ------------MP3

Howard 100 News - Robin's DD's interview w/Deacon Daniell 4-14-09 ------MP3

Howard Plays "Sal Dont Cry" parody while busting on Sal 4-01-09 ----------MP3

Howard/Deacon Daniell - Robin's Double D's video discussion 3-26-09 ----MP3

Howard Plays "Brown Nipples" John Mellencamp Parody 3-23-09 -----------MP3

BD featured before n after Paul McCartney interview on HSS 1-14-09 -------MP3

Howard Plays Bleeding Deacons "Big Juicy Ass" for Robin 1-13-09 ---------MP3

BD 2fer on HSS - Robin and High Pitch Mike Parodies Debut 12-02-08 ------MP3

Howard Plays "Two Foot Nightmare" for ETM segment 11-03-08 --------------MP3

Howard Plays "Houseguest from Hell" during Ralph/Ronnie fight 10-30-08-MP3

Howard Plays Bleeding Deacons "Blackboobs" for Robin 9-24-08 ------------MP3

Howard Replays "Sweet Beef Curtains' for Robin's News 9-10-08 -------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Nice Boobs" VIDEO announcement 9-8-08 ------MP3

Howard Plays Bleeding Deacons "Nice Boobs" for Robin 9-3-08 --------------MP3

Deacon Daniell interview for MOTLEY CRUE Contest 8/19/08 -------------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Scoresman" song evaluation 7/28/08 --------------MP3

Howard Plays "Jason's Gay" Springsteen Parody 6/18/08 ------------------------MP3

Howard Plays "Big Brown Cans" for Robin 6/2/08 -----------------------------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Sweet Beef Curtains" Premier 5/21/08 -------------MP3

Howard plays BD's Kennth Keith Kallenbach Tribute 4/29/08 --------------------MP3

Howard interviews Deacon Daniell "Double Ds" Premier 4/3/08 -----------------MP3

Lisa G. reviews BD's "Lisa G. Vs. Robin" VIDEO for Howard 2/13/08 ----------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell - Lisa G and Robin Tributes Premier 2/7/08 --------MP3


Howard plays BD's Parorody for Joey Boots 9/6/07----------------------------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Robin Video" Debut 7/31/07----------------------------MP3

Howard Plays "Big and Black" Parody for Robin 7/26/07---------------------------MP3

Gary talks w/Sal about BD on Wrap up show 6/25/07--------------------------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell 143 Video debut 6/25/07-----------------------------------MP3

BD featured during Ms. Tranny HS Contest 6/21/07----------------------------------MP3

Howard Plays BD's 143 for Sal 6/19/07----------------------------------------------------MP3

Deacon Daniell plays gossip game 06/14/07 --------------------------------------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Big n Brown" and 1st Video premier 06/06/07 ---MP3

Howard Plays BD's "Miss Post OP Tranny Howard Stern" 06/05/07 -----------MP3

Howard Plays BD's first song for Robin "Black Tities" 06/04/07 ----------------MP3

Howard w/Deacon Daniell "Miss Tranny Howard Stern" Premier 05/17/07 --MP3

Howard Plays all BD's Sal songs 05/16/07 ----------------------------------------------MP3

Howard Plays "Sal is Gay" Happy Days Parody 05/15/07 --------------------------MP3

Howard Plays "Sal's a Gaya Papa" Ballad Version 05/14/07 ----------------------MP3

Howard interviews Deacon Daniell "Sal's a Gay Papa" follow up 05/10/08 --MP3

Howard Plays BD's "Sals a Gay Papa" 05/10/07 --------------------------------------MP3

Howard interviews Deacon Daniell about Gay Papa cover 05/07/07 -----------MP3

Bleeding Deacons 1st Appearance on Howard Stern 05/07/07 ------------------MP3